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Looking for something to read? View the list (updated October 3, 2015) of books authored by SBHS Alumni.

If  YOU are an Alumni Author and want your name on this list and your book in the SBHS library collection, please let us know!

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In Collection? # copies Last Grad Last First Middle Grad Year Title Co-Authors Year
no Anderle Scott 1983
no Anttila Matti 1997 The Zen of Joy
yes 1 Arbelbide Cindy Lea 1967 The White House Easter Egg Roll 1997
no Benton Stephen A. 1959 Holographic Imaging
no Bonilla Isaac 1924 Documentos para la Historia de California relating to Jose Mariano Bonilla Joy Bonilla 1976
no Bonson Robert E. 1952 Lyda
Event Horizon Conspiracy
Incredible Aberration?
Incredible Dreams?
Incredible Reality?
The Imaginary Butterfly
The `Gator & The Golfer
yes 1 Booth Lang? Mary Inez 40 Years Behind Bars 1994
no Bouslough Richard Douglas 1968
yes 1 Burtness Robert A. 1956 A Camper’s Guide to the Tri-County Area 1969
yes 2 2012 The Santa Barbara B-24 Disasters: A Chain of Tragedies Across Air, Land & Sea 2012
no Cagle Daryl 1974 The Big Book of Bush Cartoons
no Cole David L. 1949 The Beacon Story: The Richfield Beacon Service Stations R.H. Tesene 2000
yes 1 Crandell Steven Scott 1977 Silver Tongue Secrets of Mr. Santa barbara 2007
no Cunningham Randall 1981 Lay It Down: How Letting Go Brings Out Your Best
yes 2 Cunningham Sam 1969 Turning the Tide: How One Game Changed the South
yes 1 Daily Marla 1968 California’s Channel Islands: 1001 Questions Answered 1987
yes 1 Daniel Erno 1964 Stealth Germs in Your Body 2008
yes 1 Noticias Sansum Clinic A Legacy of Medical Innovation Erin Graffy de Garcia 2014
no de Garcia Graffy Erin 1973 Remembering Jordano’s: Santa Barbara 1888-1988
yes 1 Noticias Safe Haven: The Santa Barbara Yacht Club and the Harbor
yes 1 Society Lady’s Guide On How To Santa Barbara – The Advanced Course 2000
yes 1 Noticias Sansum Clinic A Legacy of Medical Innovation Erno S. Daniel 2014
yes 1 Society Lady’s Guide On How To Santa Barbara An Insider’s Expose 1996
yes 1 Saint Barbara: The truth, tales, tidbits & trivia 1999
no Denno Robert 1963
Dibblee Thomas Wilson, Jr. 1931
yes 1 Easton Robert Olney 1932 Life and Work David Russell 1988
yes 1 Ebenstein Alan Oliver 1977 Noticias The Rise of UCSB 2015
yes 1 Edwards Schwartz Lydia 1-Bell 1951 The Truckee River Experience (name Lydia S. Bell at this time) 1975
Odyssey of Innocents 2015
Forster Michelanne 1971
yes 1 Gauthier Thomas 1958 A Voyage Beyond Reason: An Epic of Survival 2009
yes 1 Code Name: ORION’S EYE 2012
yes 1 Mead’s Trek 2011
yes 1 DIE LISTE: Revenge on the Black Sun 2013
yes 1 Force Three Rises 2015
no 1 The Saga of the 1st Fighter Control Squadron 2015
no Geiberger Al 1955 Tempo 1980
yes 1 Gilles Tim 1969 Automotive Chassis, Brakes, Steering & Suspension 2005
1 Automotive Engines Diagnosis, Repair and Rebuilding, 7th Ed. 2015
1 Automotive Service Inspection, Maintenance, Repair 2012
no Goldman Schlachter Eric 1985 (eBook)
no (eBook)
no Goldman Schlachter Sandra 1983
no Graham Martha 1913 Blood Memory: An Autobiography 1991
yes 1 Green George Elizabeth A. 1962 With Picks, Shovels & Hope: The CCC and Its Legacy on the Colorado Plateau Wayne Hinton 2008
yes 1 Seasons of the Narrow Gauge, A Year in the Life of the Durango & Silverton Duane A. Smith 2011
yes 1 Ghost Tracks, Haunting Tales Along the Rails Suzy Garrison Meyer 2014
yes 1 Griffith Yale B. 1920 Noticias William G. Griffith 2010
no Grim J. Norman 1951 To Fly the Gentle Giants: The Training of U.S. WW II Glider Pilots
no Hackford Taylor 1963 Ray: A Tribute to the Movie, the Music, and the Man 2004
no Portrait of a Film: The Making of White Nights 1985
no Hall Brad 1972 Bye Bye Love (Screeplay)
yes 1 Hasse Fingarette Ann 1965 Mental Disabilities and Criminal Responsibility Herbert Fingarette 1979
no Hatch Kristen 1983 Shirley Temple and the Performance of Girlhood 2015
no Hoeber Matthews Amoretta 1959 Soviet Strategy for Nuclear War
no Howard John Hayden 1943
yes 1 Jacquemain Patti 1960 Sweet Seasons Santa Barbara in Time and Color 1991
no Kallman Robert E. 1943 Coastal Crude in a Sea of Conflict Eugene D. Wheeler 1984
yes 1 Shipwrecks, Smugglers & Maritime Mysteries of the Santa Barbara Channel Eugene D. Wheeler 1984
no Stop Justice Abuse: Exposes the Unfair System and Proposes Action You Can Tale Eugene D. Wheeler 1986
no Kelley Robert Lloyd 1942 Gold vs. Grain, the Hydrraulic Mining Controversy in California’s Sacramento Valley 1959
no Transatlantic Persuasion: The Liberal-Democratic Mind in the Age of Gladstone 1969
no The Shaping of the American Past 1975
no UCSB: A Narrative History, 1944-1977 1977
no The Cultural Pattern in American Politics: The First Century 1979
no Transformations: UC Santa Barbara, 1909-1979 1979
no A Century of Flooding on Mission Creek, Santa Barbara County 1870’s-1970’s: Two Histories in Conflict 1985
no Battling the Inland Sea: American Political Culture, Public Policy, and the Sacramento Valley, 1850-1986 1989
no A History of the Origin and Development of the Metropolitan Water Distgrict of Southern California, 1900-1990 1992
no Inside the Ring: The Russians Observed 1993
no Kellogg Marjorie May 1939 Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon (Screnplay) 1968
no Like the Lion’s Tooth (Novel)
no Castaway (Play) 1997
no The Smile of the Cardboard Man (Play) 1978
no After You’ve Gone (Play) 1982
no The Bell Jar (Screenplay) 1979
no Kerr Brahtin Katharine Nancy 1962 Dragonspell: The Southern Sea 1990
yes Daggerspell (Deverry Series, Book One) 1993
yes Darkspell (Deverry Series, Book Two) 1994
no Dawnspell (Deverry Series, Book Three) 1989
no The Bristling Wood (Deverry Series, Book Three) 1990
no The Dragon Revenant (Deverry Series, Book Four) 1991
yes A Time of Exile (Deverry Seies, Book Five) 1992
no The Gold Falcon: Book One of The Silver Wyrm 2007
no The Spirit Stone: Book Two of the Silver Wyrm 2007
no The Shadow Isle: Book Three of the Silver Wyrm 2009
no The Silver Mage: Book Four of the Silver Wyrm 2010
no A Time of War – Days of Blod and Fire #1 1993
yes Days of Air and Darkness (Deverry) 1995
yes The Red Wyvern (Dragon Mage, Book 1) 1998
no The Black Raven (Dragon Mage, Book 2) 2000
no The Fire Dragon (Dragon Mage, Book 3) 2001
no The Snare 1999
no Water to Burn (Nola O’Grady Novels) 2011
no Apocalypse to Go (Nola O’Grady Novels) 2012
no Love on the Run (Nola O’Grady Novels) 2012
yes A Time of Omens – A Novel of the Westlands 1993
yes Days of Blood and Fire – A Novel of the Westlands 1994
no Socerer’s Luck 2013
no License to Ensorcell (Daw Book Collectors) 2011
no The Shimmering Door 1996
no A Time of Justice 1995
no Freeze Frames 2013
no Palace Mark Kreighbaum 1996
no Resurrection 1992
no Kimball Ward 1932 Art Afterpieces 1975
yes 1 Kiraly Karch 1978 Karch Kiraly’s Championship Volleyball 1990
yes 1 Beach Volleyball 1999
yes 1 Karch Kiraly’s Championship Volleyball 1996
no Koegel Kern Lynn 1973 Overcoming Autism: Finding the Answers, Strategies,
no Langlo Erwin 1948 On the Shady Side of the Tree
no Lathim Roderic Vance 1976 The Spirit of the Big Yellow House Kim Lathim 1975
no Lathim Leslie Kim 1973 The Spirit of the Big Yellow House Rod Lathim 1975
yes 1 Lentz Easton Joan 1960 A Naturalist’s Guide to the Santa Barbara Region 2013
no Introduction to Birds of the Southern Calfornia Coast
no Leslie Robert 1930 My Bears and I
Ringo, The Robber Raccoon
yes 1 Lewis Sara 1972 Trying to Smile and other stories 1992
yes 1 Heart Conditions 1994
yes 1 But I Love You Anyway 1996
yes 1 The Best of Good 2003
yes 1 Litwack Leon 1947 Been in the Storm So Long: The Aftermath of Slavery 1979
yes 1 How Free is Free: The Long Death of Jim Crow 2009
yes 1 North of Slavery: The Negroe in the Free States 1790-1860 1961
yes 2 Trouble in Mind: Black Southerners in the Age of Jim Crow 1998
yes 1 Reconstruction: An Anthology of Revisionist Writings edited by Litwack and Stampp 1969
yes 1 Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America 2000
1 Before the Point of No Return: An Exchange of Views, Intro by Litwack 1986
no Mathews Eddie 1949 Eddie Mathews and the National Pastime Bob Buege
no McDaniel Stanley 1948 The Philosophy of Nietzsche
yes 1 Mills James Gilmore 1943 A Sense of Santa Barbara: An Autobiographical Perspective 2011
yes 1 Molony John Patrick 1981 Santa Barbara Sunset Montecito Moon (Photographer) Lori M. Geraghty, John Wardlaw 2004
yes 1 Morris Edward A., Jr 1943 Cure for the Demagogue’s Disease 2006
yes 1 The Demagogue’s Disease 1979
yes 1 Kathleen! Kathleen! 2013
yes 1 Evolution to Sainthood 1997
yes 1 Secret Not Forgotten: The DNA of Jesus 2012
yes 1 How to Manage Stress Before It Manages You
no “May I Sit on Your Towel?” Elizabeth Maher Morris
no Morris Maher Elizabeth 1945 “May I Sit on Your Towel?” Edward A. Morris
no Motto Jerome Arthur 1939 Suicide Prevention and Crisis Centers
yes 1 Muench David 1954 Santa Barbara (Photography) 1984
yes 2 Louis L`Amour Frontier (Photography) 1984
yes 1 California II 1977
Muench Mark
no Neal Toby 1983 Big Sur and the Central Coast (Photography) 1984
yes 1 Norman Floyd 1953 Animated Life: A Lifetime of Tips, Tricks, and Stories from a Disney Legend 2013
yes 1 Mickey Mouse in the Barracuda Triangle 1990
yes 1 Who’s Afraid of Song of the South, Forward by Floyd Norman Author Jim Korkis 2012
yes 1 Orchowski Sands Margaret 1959 Immigration and the American Dream: Battling the Political Hype and Hysteria 2008
O’Neill Kaaron 1972
no O’Neill Owen Hugh, Jr. 1934 History of Santa Barbara County, State of Caliofornia: Its People and Its Resources 1939
Ovington Audrey 1932
no Pan Low Pan Y. 1985 Novell’s BorderManager Administrator’s Handbook 1999
no Parfit Michael David 1965 Last Stand at Rosebud Creek: Coal, Power, and People 1980
no The Boys Behind the Bombs 1983
no South Light: A Journey to the Last Countinent 1985
no Chasing the Glory: Trails Across America 1988
no God Save the Child 1974
yes 1 Phinney Favor Nancy 1970 Noticias Westmont College 75 Years 2012
no Pizzirani Newton Jolinda 1967 Soul Survivor
Angel Words
yes 1 Inspirations 2003
yes 1 Psychic Princess 2004
What’s a Mother To Do? The ABC’s of Raising a Child Jeanice Newton Lugo
yes 1 Pochini Cook Judy 1949 The Frittata Affair 2007
yes 1 Poett A. Dibblee DNG Rancho San Julian: The Story of a California Ranch and Its People 1990
yes 1 Polt Renata Harriet 1950 A Thousand Kisses: A Grandmother’s Holocaust Letters 1999
no Rice Archie 1895 The Glow of the Campfire
yes 1 Picturing School Activities 1923
yes 1 Richards Richard C. 1953 A Philosopher Looks at the Sense of Humor 2013
yes 1 Roberti Lester Betsy 1952 San Miguel Island: My Childhood Memoir 1930-1942 2008
yes 3 Rouse Haverland Stella 1925 Oral Book Reviewing 1938
Santa Barbara’s Spanish Renaissance and Old Spanish Days Fiesta 1974
yes 1 Ruiz Russell A. Historical High Lights of Santa Barbara Walker A. Tompkins 1970
no Scalapino Robert 1936 North Korea at a Crossroads
no Schwab Charles Robert 1955 Charles Schwab’s Guide to Financial Independence 1998
no Charles Schwab’s New Guide to Financial Independence
You’re Fifty-Now What? Investing for the Second Half of Your Life
How to Be Your Own Stockbroker
Scruggs Otey M. 1947
no Shelton Ron 1963 Bull Durham (Screenplay)
yes 1 Shield Harley Dickson 1941 The Harley Shields: Alaskan Missionaries (written by Kathryn W. Kizer) 1984
no Silva ??? Joe 1953 Honda 1986
no Smith Clifton F. 1938 A Flora of Santa Barbara 1952
A Flora of the Santa Barbara Region, California 1976
yes 1 Smith Henry Helen 1949 Vikingsholm, Tahoe’s Hidden Castle
no Stewart Dean 1971 Tales of Santa Barbara Steven Gilbar 1994
no Published and Perished: Memoria, Eulogies, and Remembrances of American Writers 2002
no Literary Santa Barbara Steven Gilbar 1998
Storke Charles Albert II 1928
no Tomlinson Kerry Anne 1969 Time Payment 1978
no Night Letter 1982
Tysell Stanley Albert
Vogt Peter R. 1957
yes 1 Wardlaw John Joseph 1981 Santa Barbara Sunset Montecito Moon (photographer) Lori M. Geraghty, John Molony 2004
no Wardlaw Lee Anna 1973 The Eye and I 1988
no Me + Math = Headache 1989
yes 6 Corey’s Fire 1990
yes 4 Cowabunga!: The Complete Book of Surfing 1991
yes 2 Don’t Look Back 1993
yes 2 Won-Ton: A Cat Tale Told in Haiku 2011
no Operation Rhinoceros 1992
no The Seventh-Grade Weirdo 1992
no Tales of Grandpa Cat 1994
yes 1 101 Ways to Bug Your Parents 1996
yes 2 101 Ways to Bug Your Friends and Enemies 2011
yes 2 101 Ways to Bug Your Teacher 2004
no 1 The Ghoul Brothers 1996
no Bubblemania 1997
no Punia and the King of Sharks: A Hawaiian Folk Tale 1997
no Bow-Wow Birthday 1998
no Hector’s Hiccups 1999
no First Steps 1999
no Saturday Night Jamboree 2000
yes 1 We All Scream for Ic Cream!: The Scoop on America’s Favorite Dessert 2000
no The Chair Where Bear Sits 2001
no Westwick Peter 1983 The World in the Curl
no Wilkes Jamaal (Keith) 1970 Success Under Fire: Lessons for Being Your Best in Crunch Time Pete Nelson, GailSchaper-Gordon 2006
no Memoirs of the Original Smooth As Silk Edward Reynolds Davis Jr. 2015
no Williamson S. Gill 1956 Combinatorics for Computer Science
no Wilson John R.M. 1961 Research Guide in History 1974
Turbulence Aloft: The Civil Aeronautics Administration Amid Wars and Rumors of Wars, 1938-1953 1979
Shaping the American Character (ed.) 1980
A New Research Guide in History 1980
Forging the American Character (ed.), 2 vols. 2003
Herbert Hoover and the Armed Forces 1993
Jackie Robinson and the American Dilemma 2010
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