The Scholarship Program, is a major focus of the Alumni Association’s energies.  This year will mark 40 years of providing scholarships to graduating seniors to continue their post secondary education, at vocational schools, community colleges, or 4-year universities.  It is also the first year that a scholarship has been established for Alumni.

The size and number of scholarships for graduating seniors are determined by the amount of money donated by members and other friends of SBHS.   Scholarships are named for former faculty members, individual alumni and classes, whose members build their funds.

Seniors, download and print the Scholarship Application. Completed applications are due by 4 p.m. on Monday, February 1, 2017.

Alumni, download and print the newly established Hardesty “Always A Don” Scholarship ApplicationCompleted applications are due Monday, February 1, 2017.

Below is the list of active scholarships for graduating seniors.  Alumni, please consider donating to these scholarships by downloading and completing the Dons Make a Difference Form form.  To print the list, click here.


Alumni Fund Scholarship Class of 1962 Vocational Scholarship
Alumni Memorial Scholarship Class of 1963 Scholarship
Class of 1950 Scholarship Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1953 Scholarship Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship Class of 1972 Daniel L. Porter `72 & Katelyn D. Porter `09 Memorial Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship Class of 1992 Scholarship
Bea Askman `55 American Association of Business Women Fiesta Chapter Scholarship
Miriam J. Aylesworth `33 Memorial Vocational Scholarship
Louise Ellen (Aylesworth) Stribling `45 Memorial Scholarship
Owen Roy Aylesworth `44 Honorary Scholarship
Earl Roger Aylesworth `47 Honorary Scholarship
Shelley Azbell `60 & Jim Garvey `60 Perpetual Scholarship
Terrance W. Boyes Musical Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy W. Brubeck Memorial Scholarship – English/Journalism – ODD years
Hlenry Ivey Brubeck Instrumental Music Memorial Scholarship – Music – EVEN years
Christina Tonietto Cavallero `38 Presidents Memorial Scholarship
William A. `Bill’ & Louise Crow Sr. `32 Memorial Scholarship
Wendell S. Fletcher `26 Perpetual Scholarship – Medical
Helen Elaine Fong `49 Memorial Scholarship – Teacher
Glen Alden & Audrey Mae (Bull) Fort `29 Memorial Scholarship
Barbara R. & Paul Oldham George 125 Memorial Scholarship
Claud Hardesty Honorary Scholarship
Spring `44 Hi-Y Stu Palin Scholarship
Harvey J. Holt Memorial Scholarship
Michele Humboldt Scholarship
Santa Barbara Igniters Scholarship
Helen Frances (King) `33 & Clifford Henry Jameson `29 Memorial Scholarship
M. Duane Jones `53 Family Scholarship
Margaret Russell Jones Scholarship
Alice Virginia (Izant) Kent `26 Perpetual Memorial Scholarship
Cliff Seybert `Sey’ Kinsell `40 Scholarship – Medical
Kathryn Bristow Lee `64 Memorial Scholarship
Elias & Flora Martinez Memorial Scholarship – Hispanic
Michael J. `Mike’ Moropoulos Honorary Scholarship
John Pasquotto `36 Honorary Scholarship
Cameron Howard Perry `41 Memorial Scholarship
Keene Kayser Putz `63 Memorial Scholarship
Raisin Family Honorary Scholarship
John L. `JR’ Richards `57 Memorial Scholarship – Leadership
Robert M. `55 & Alma & Charles M. Ritchie Memorial Scholarship
Beatrice Terres Rosales `40 Memorial Scholarship – Hispanic, Woman, Science
Masako (Fukamaki) Saruwatari `32 Memorial Scholarship
Clarence H. & Edna (Riley) Schutte Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Helen Elizabeth (Henry) Smith `49 Scholarship
Frank M. Swain `47 Memorial Scholarship
Helen E. Tessian & Mary E. Schoenborn Memorial Scholarship
Clinton L. Wheeler Graphic Arts Memorial Scholarship
Douglas White `53 Memorial Scholarship
Y2K Sailaway Scholarship